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New Project Brief!

So today has been relatively productive; I spent about 4 hours straight just drawing and documenting all the ideas I had to do with the new project brief. The new assignment covers everything we’ve been experimenting with over the last couple of weeks and gives us the opportunity to put all of our new knowledge and practice to good use and produce an A3 piece of work communicating a word and an idea of our choice. My word is ‘difference’ and at first I ran head first into one of the most literal and probably the easiest version of the word (because I’m a creature of impulse, judge me); the difference between calm and chaos. The relevance to myself as an individual was what initially drew me to this interpretation of the word ‘difference’ and to go for the calm and chaos angle. I shall explain, being careful not to fall into the all too common cliche of blogging about certain people with the subliminal purpose of them reading it. That is not what this is. I am merely expressing my inspiration.

Despite my tendency to hide in the background and get on with my own thing quietly in class, often shying away from any prolonged communication due to a rather annoying case of un-diagnosed social anxiety, I do consider myself to be quite a reckless, emotional person. I can go from being a nostalgic, blubbering mess to an adrenaline filled, hormonal, buzzing wreck in 2 seconds flat. I can be entirely filled with a relentless mixture of everything at once and then collapse into an abyss of complete emptiness, absolute, raging and recklessly persistent nothing. I consider myself to live a life of chaos.

And it annoys me when others can seem so exhaustively empty, nauseatingly content. All of the time. When there is no passion in someone, no enthusiasm, no drive. When they appear to be living in a constant state of calm, peace. And I don’t know whether it is just because I’m young and excitable and I too will become content with absolutely everything or whether these people just hide the chaos in them just a little bit better than I manage to. I wrote down words like easy, sweet, mild. balanced, contained; all words I associate with the idea of calm. I decided I would represent both calm and chaos on opposite sides of the A3 page; the calm side made up of soft colours and shapes, contained by a border, simplistic and sparse, while the chaos side would be overflowing with vibrant colours, sharp objects and complex, randomly scattered shapes, overcrowded and overlapping each other.

Calm/Chaos Ideas

Calm/Chaos Ideas

However, when Ray came round to overlook what we were all doing he suggested that I try something a little more metaphorical, something that the audience will have to work for. So I went back to look at my original mind map of ideas and decided that a page on the differences and similarities between countries and cultures might be a little more engaging and would be something I can learn about while I do the project instead of working on something so ‘close to home’.

The idea that all countries have differences; the traditions, myths and legends, foods, pop culture, facial structures etc. and yet we are all forming a whole entity: the globe. I took a bit of inspiration from a book I have recently read, We Need to Talk about Kevin (an absolutely fantastic book, I would recommend that everyone reading this goes out and buys/borrows this book and reads it cover to cover. I did, twice. And it changed my life…well maybe not that far but still, it’s stuck in my mind and it’s altered the way I write and even the way I think. So do it, read it. I dare you); the author writes about how every country has its differences; they all have different looking trees, grass, dirt, but all countries have trees. Different races have different looking skin tone, eye shape, facial structure, but we all have skin, eyes and faces. So the idea that I am trying to communicate through this project (while trying my hardest not to offend anyone) is the fact that however many differences we have, we are all part of one whole, and we are all the same, in a sense.

'Difference' Idea Generation

‘Difference’ Idea Generation

Eye Drawing

Make-up Icon Ideas

Make-up Icon Ideas

Eye Drawings

Eye Drawings


Pasta Experiment Page

I also made a Pinterest board dedicated to this project, check it out: http://www.pinterest.com/Amee94/difference-project/ (little bit of cheeky self promotion)


I got a bit bored sitting in my room this evening so decided to have a bash at an idea I had earlier today. I used Pinterest to find the images (although in the final design I will only use original work) and Photoshop to edit them together to create the effect of lots of different shards of broken photos forming one whole new image that still makes sense. This was the result:

Difference Design Idea 1 (2nd Draft)

In the next draft I will draw some of the sections and use Photoshop to play around with the colours and textures to create a more diverse image.



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  1. zarnah says:

    wow good job amz!


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