A little bit about me…

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
Have a beautiful day!

Cosmic Art – 23.10.2014

After a night of making new friends, actually attending a society social and discovering a new found fear of certain drag queens, I woke up to a 9 am start for constellation, a few new bruises and a ‘hint’ of a headache. Constellation was really insightful as always. It was held by Mahnaz Shah, a lecturer with a witty sense of humour and a brilliant way of making artists feel good about themselves; she started off the seminar by pointing out that the difference between designers and the rest of the world is their higher level of intelligence. Which, although may not be completely accurate, is always nice to hear first thing in the morning when all your mind is telling you is that you’re an idiot and maybe shouldn’t have had that many shots of coconut rum and a few more hours of sleep instead. She also stated that as long as you can prove your logic and explain your reasoning in order to defend your argument, you will always be right. Now I’m not usually a fan of using words like ‘always’, ‘infinitely’ and ‘forever’ as it just seems so cliche (how can anyone judge such a vast spread of possibilities so certainly?). But in this instance it was nice to hear the opinion of such a driven and convinced individual put in such a secure and definite way. This comment and the quick exercise that went with it (where the class were asked to identify an object as a product or not and give their reasoning as to why they had come to that conclusion) has made me feel a lot more confident about expressing my own opinion and coming to a more definite answer that I can support with my own logic. This reasoning and the way we think generally is due to personal experience and things we have each individually picked up during our lifetimes, however another focus of the seminar was to point out that it is equally important to take information from other sources outside of our individual fields of work as this will help develop our personal outlook as well as ourselves as designers.


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