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Branding – Valreith Publishing Company

Working on the branding project = distracting myself from the series of mistakes I have made today and over the summer.

We have been given a brief instructing us to create a brand identity for a company ‘of our choice’. We were asked to pick a type of business out of a bag and fabricate a background and an identity for that specific field. I was presented with a publishing company which at first I thought would be interesting; I could design for an elegant classy type company, with gold plated business cards and straight, capital lettering, or a children’s book publisher and I could use bubbly typefaces and draw cute animals. This idea was quickly shattered when I realised thousands of those companies already exist and I was told by Olwen to chose something a bit more niche and quirky. To which I quickly decided that role playing games could be fun, and easily accessible given my place of work.

After beginning to create a personality for this new and exciting publishing company, I began to realise how little I actually know about role playing games and how difficult this topic might be. But it’s too late now and I can’t think of anything better, so this is what I’ve come up with:


Valreith Publishing is a British publisher of games, specifically catering for the publication of fantasy and science fiction themed role playing games aimed at experienced, older people. They strive to keep up to date with exciting, popular and regular game releases and as gamers themselves, are very aware of the market and the needs of its clients and the consumers. Dealing with such a specific game genre, Valreith Publishing has been able to focus entirely on perfecting the fantasy section of role playing and has quickly risen to the top of the market after investing in Dungeons and Dragons and buying the popular role playing game Pathfinder from their original publishers, Paizo Publishing in early 2015.

The name ‘Valreith’ is a fictional Elven style name. The choice to use Elven in the name came from the general theme of the company and the creator’s personal interest in myth and specific love of elves.

Valreith Elvish Translation

Elvish Translation of ‘Valreith’ Possible logo design.

Previous name idea: AREDHEL PUBLISHING

Aredhel is the daughter of Fingolfin and Anairë, sister of Fingon, Turgon and Argon, and mother of Maeglin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She was also known as Ar-Feiniel which in one translation means “The White Lady (of the Noldor)”, as it is said that she was very pale, and wore only silver and white clothes. The names Aredhel (‘noble Elf’) and Ar-Feiniel (‘noble white lady’) were both originally intended to stand alone, replacing the name Isfin.

The creator of Valrieth made the decision not to use this name due to copyright issues and because he decided a more original name would be better for the company.


Elvish Translation of ‘Aredhel’

Brand Values in single words:

  • Approachable
  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Current
  • Impressive

Target Market:

  • Writers of role playing games
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Males between the age of 27 and 60
  • British
  • Good knowledge of fantasy / science fiction

Client Persona:

Christopher Channing, 38, white British male.

Works part time at CEX as a member of the sales and technical team for 28 hours a week, usually weekdays so he can spend time with his partner on weekends when she is off work.

Lives in Bristol, in a shared house after dropping out of university to focus on expanding his knowledge on fantasy gaming and advancing in the general gaming community.

Studied computer technology in the university of Bristol but decided it wasn’t for him when the out-of-hours work interfered with his Magic: The Gathering tournaments and busy social schedule.

Speaks to his parents occasionally but only when they call him or on special occasions.

Chris has been playing RPG games since he was in school. His love for Yu-Gi-Oh! led him to meet a trading game group. The group consisted of five other boys and one girl who he had a crush on for months but never said anything to, who also liked to play Dungeons and Dragons, which back then was only on its second edition with the original handbook having been printed the year he was born.

He began writing his own set of role playing books when he reached the age of 19 called ‘Mythic Labrinth’, the books were fun to play with his friends, however were not picked up by any actual publishing companies due to the amateur style and Chris’ age and lack of experience. Since these, Chris has adapted his style to the market and improved his writing technique to make the books more likely to be published professionally.

Chris invests his small amount of disposable money in gaming software and writing materials and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and gaming societies he can participate in. His partner of three years, Zoe, also has a passion for gaming and they often spend their evenings around a board game or role playing game with their friends.


Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Artwork


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