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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
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Penguin Books Competition

Today we were given a new brief: to design a book cover for A Clockwork Orange which could be entered into the Penguin Books Random House Competition and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

(completely off the top of my head on a program I am not comfortable using)


The two above designs are more recent that the others, they are based mainly on being aesthetically pleasing and are a bit too close to the cliches already out there, as well as the second design looking slightly more dated than I had intended and would not be suitable for the Utopian theme of the book. I think I am going to present a more original approach at the final crit.

Book Cover 4

Book Cover 4 Mockup

I know that as designers we are not really supposed to have favourites but this design is definitely one of mine. The dark red background represents anger and the concept of danger and the woman in a yoga pose is used partially to provoke a reaction; the viewer immediately thinks the image is ‘inappropriate’ and this shows the way women are portrayed and used in the book; that they are sexual objects and nothing more. The fact that the woman is doing yoga and not presenting herself for a man is not generally the first reaction to the image.
A Clockwork Orange - cover 1

This design plays off a frequent phrase in the book and intends to draw the viewer in out of curiosity for what it means. I have used the slightly cliche orange colour and a typeface which is distressed to show off the dangerous and violent theme of the book as well as slightly resembling the appearance of an actual orange.

After designing this version I suspected that using the orange colour might have been humouring the cliche a bit too much and that the typography needed more meaning and relevance to the story so I changed the colour to a dark red to represent the idea of danger and blood, as well as red being the colour used most often to describe anger, which is significant in the story of A Clockwork Orange. I am still unsure which one is aesthetically better but the second option definitely has more depth which I think is an important part of this particular brief.

Book Cover 5

Book Cover 5

Book Cover 5 Red Mockup

This design was based off the fact that a lecturer in uni spent half an hour repeatedly insisting that we, as graphics designers, should stay as far away from illustrating as possible because we can’t draw and we should “stick to our strengths”. I know I am not the best illustrator in the world but for a lecturer, who is supposed to be supporting us and encouraging multimedia and unique interpretation, to assume and to tell us bluntly that we should stick to typography and vector graphics because “a lot of the illustration students are also taking part in the competition” and we wouldn’t be good enough is just insulting and completely contradictory and unnecessary. So as a response to this I made a ‘just about adequate’ drawing of Alex, the main character, and so far it is definitely one of my preferred designs.

Book Cover 6Book Cover 6 Mockup

This design is more of a minimalist approach than most of the others, the red, white and black colour scheme represents the futuristic and violent aspect of the book, while using the chain (a weapon used by one of the main characters) with a red section in the middle to signify danger and demonstrate that the weapon is actually used for harm. It aims to leave the viewer curious about who’s blood it is and in turn wanting to read the book.

I’ve recently discovered mock-ups so please excuse the completely necessary repetition and pointless mock-up images of my work. I just like to see it on an actual thing.


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