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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
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Size of Wales

I’ve spent a lot of time moaning about how I am not enjoying this topic and I think it’s time I maybe got my act together and focused more on the cause than the means. The project I am taking part in is for Size of Wales, a Welsh (and proud) charity that is working to sustain an area of rain forest the size of Wales, and educate children (and us oldies) on the facts of what is going on in countries such as Africa and South America and what we can do to help.

Size of Wales.png

The client came to uni last…week? (Possibly. I really should remember) and gave us an overview of the charity and what they want us little art elves to do for them. Initially I thought the task was to maybe create an advertising campaign of some sort to boost their ‘footfall’ if you will, or maybe to add some sort of fresh design to what they already have going on. Apparently I was wrong (and apparently I would have known I was wrong if I had read the brief properly, but hey) and lots of people are focusing more on creating a whole new scheme for the charity to carry out, from education packs to take into schools to full blown festivals. To be honest this has thrown me a bit off track; I am much more comfortable making design work to steer people in the right direction that I am organising whole events and models and who knows what else.

SoW patch.png

Also I am much more comfortable working on my own or in a group of people I know, but instead we have all been mixed into “clusters” *sigh* and I am working with a group of people who find it impossible to communicate and who all have different ideas. Although we are all “individuals working in a cluster”, so after hours of attempting to integrate myself into this group of people who don’t know each other at all, finding out that no-one is integrated anyway (I get the idea quite a lot of people are unhappy with the topic as a whole), and failing to get anywhere with our plan of a celebration or collaboration of charities and activities, I have decided to break away and go it alone. This may be a little unorthodox as in a real life design studio situation I would probably have to work as part of a team to get the work asked of us done, and I am not always going to just go off and do my own thing. However this is not the real world and I am not going to stay in a situation where I am consistently made to feel pretty unhappy.

So, enough of the ranting, I shall explain my idea. My plan is, first of all, aimed at children, and people who spend time in the park (commuters without transport, students, arty nature types). I did consider aiming the campaign at the least likely people to care about the cause, for example lumberjacks, energy and fuel companies, however reaching this audience seems an impossible task and surely encouraging people there is actually a chance with seems a lot more logical. I wanted to create something interactive, that was more than just a sheet of paper with information on or a talk on the street when people just want to get away to their shopping or their walk home. I want it to be a way of connecting the people of Wales in a way that is enjoyable, which seems like an important part of the charities work, to encourage unity.

I began thinking of things like games the community could play, something interactive that commuters would find on their way home, or children while they’re playing in the trees (do people still do that…go outside?) I also thought of something that will alter the appearance of an everyday landscape, to challenge people’s expectation, for example changing the colour of a tree or wrapping it in gift wrap (with the phrase “Make a difference” or “Nature is a gift” attached. Cheesy? Yes, but possibly effective too). These were my notes:

Sketchbook Notes.jpg

There are lots of things to consider when conducting a public campaign: getting permission, using waterproof materials, not harming or defacing anything natural or otherwise, and so on. I will have to remember all of these things when designing my installment into nature and avoid or work around them.


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