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PTAWA – Client Meeting

Yes, I have left it far too long since posting. I have no excuse, but I have been a busy bee when it comes to design work (and everything else for that matter *sigh*).

The Field term began and ended badly for me. It began with being slightly shaken out of the assumption that it was going to be just an average design job for a ‘real life client’, and shown that it was going to be far more of a marketing brief to create some kind of event, scheme or product that would trigger a rise in awareness for the charity, Size of Wales. After just a few sessions on the task I began to get the impression that most people felt out of their comfort zone and/or simply just didn’t want to be there. This made coming up with any ideas and then transferring these ideas to solid plans and eventually a final event feel somewhat like wading through sludge.

The end of Tipping Point was not much better that the beginning; for one I missed the final pitch to the client, for a project that I mainly just went along with rather than fighting out my own idea. This meant rolling off the end of the project, getting very little closure or feedback and probably looking quite bad in the eyes of a potential future contact.

HOWEVER, hopefully the repercussions of my actions will not be too disastrous, and I can just be excited for this new topic. Beginning with today. With the exception of a few minutes *cough, hours* on the PlayStation, yes and watching TV, I have been to a talk at uni (about the very exciting topic of printing and a very assertively spoken lady lecturing us on how difficult it is to get a job after uni, needless to say an extremely thrilling and motivational morning *siiigh*), grabbed my sketchbook and written up all I have so far on this persuasion brief.

Last Thursday I went down to the PTAWA building in Port Talbot for a meeting, taking a presentation with me of all the ideas and rough designs I have done so far and talked to the team about what specifically they wanted me to do. The ‘voice’ of PTAWA is something that came up a lot and is something I need to keep in mind throughout the creative process of the task. The main focus in regards to their voice is the positivity and slight quirkiness of their terminology; using words such as flourish and wonderful. Something I will have to consider when designing the campaign is how to achieve this way of speaking without sounding at all patronising or soft.

PTAWA 'Voice'.jpg

Another thing that came up is the fact that the organisation is also looking for an entire renewal of their brand identity. Before anyone jumps on their high horse, I know under normal circumstances or if they were pressuring me to do all this alone, it would be hugely taking advantage, especially as I will be doing it for free. But they are a charity, they are not expecting big things from a mere little volunteer and I am only a small part of the branding subgroup. Their primary focus for this is to refresh the presence of what is currently PTAWA, review their brand values and goals and more accurately represent the services provided.

This is something I was told about after asking if there was any design work that needed doing and so I would have felt rude to say no. Also after working with Women’s Aid for a number of years I always welcome the chance to help out, and the time to join the ‘branding sub-group’ would come and go by the time I finish the persuasion brief. So I have taken it upon myself to do both tasks, and the challenge I now face is keeping the university brief separate from the re-brand that is being done simultaneously, obviously keeping the persuasion brief top priority for the next month, without looking as though I am not interested in the re-brand. All very complicated, but I am sure I’ll manage.

Here are some of today’s notes on the campaign:

PTAWA notes (1).jpg

I should probably get back to planning out my plan of action as I still do not have a solid idea of even the target audience, never mind what is actually going to be done. A good thing to do now would be to contact Holly, who runs Material Girls and find out what would be best for social enterprise, and definitely not go and play the Sims 4 on my shiny new laptop. Hmm…


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