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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
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This Week | The Big Disaster

This week has been something else. I realise I write quite a lot of posts complaining about my work and my time in uni so I will try to make this one as positive as possible. Beginning with the positives: On Thursday I went to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London with the Textiles course, which was amazing. I got the opportunity to wander around a massive interior design centre and experience a whole other world of design. The Armani display was particularly breathtaking, with the black walls and mysterious, expensive atmosphere. There was a rug in one of the room sections worth £17,000! In the centre there was a whole selection of prestigious accomplished fabric brands I was allowed to explore, including Ted Baker and Harlequin. Although the women in Harlequin were less than inviting, especially when I pulled out my camera, which apparently was far too advanced to take photos of their products, despite phone cameras (which were perfectly fine to use, if not encouraged) these days producing just as high resolution photos and are just as advanced in some ways as SLR cameras. As you can tell I was not best pleased with their attitude.

However I did not let it ruin my day and proceeded to have a large coffee, courtesy of the design centre, and continue on to a professional baking demonstration where I was given delicious chocolate profiteroles, soft warm chocolate brownies and cranberry, kale and blue cheese scones to nibble on. After exploring and taking in as much interior design inspiration as our minds could handle, myself and the group I had attached to based on vague recognition from passing in uni decided to discover the exciting, clean and very classy streets of Chelsea and even more shop spaces full of materials and portfolios of collections, and then headed to the Victoria and Albert museum for a quick browse before shuffling back onto the coach to come home.

Thursday was great, it seems that every time I go to London I have a completely different experience. Chelsea is a place I have never really thought of visiting and only very rarely taken an interest in when I have seen it in passing on TV, and without the university I probably wouldn’t have made the effort to travel to. It is so much cleaner and well presented than Cardiff and it reminded me of a ‘higher’ lifestyle I would like for myself one day. The trip has certainly given me a nudge in the right direction and a rush of motivation to push myself and try harder to achieve my goals. This is currently one of the main reasons I am pressing on with uni; the opportunities to experience these things I would never do off of my own back and the chance to make contacts and explore new places and specialties in the design industry. I really feel like I needed this at the moment, after the last week of what has felt like disaster after disaster.

Which leads me nicely on to why I decided absolutely to get onto the coach in the first place. Thursday was meant to be the day of my final adjustments and presentation and submission of my work for this term. The big PTAWA assignment that I was so excited to do and put so much time and effort into (if I do say so myself). I really did try this term to do better and to make an effort for an organisation that really deserved the campaign. So why did I hop on a bus to leave the country instead of presenting all this work that I have accumulated over the last term? Well, the first reason is that I had done very little for the project since the last tutorial and I had failed to achieve the goals for it I had set (a short animation for a moving bus stop and train station advert and I hadn’t added in the logos for the poster campaign or made it any more ‘punchy’ that it began as). And secondly, the most disastrous of all, my hard drive corrupted and erased every last one of the files I have ever owned.

Needless to say, I was absolutely gutted. Because I exchanged my laptop which had everything on it, the hard drive contained the only copies and the reason I turned on the new laptop to begin with was to back everything up on dropbox, but it seems I left about 30 minutes too late and everything was gone. Yes, I did in fact die, and no I haven’t managed to enter the matrix and recover any of my files back. As it has been said to me, your digital files make up part of ourselves, they are memories, means of communicating and proving our history to people, teachers, future employers, and exploring it for ourselves. But it is not the end of the world and I will recover from this (ah big pun). I was absolutely broken up, felt physically sick for about an hour afterwards and made a massive fool of myself sobbing on the street, but I will not dwell on whining about how losing it all made me feel, I have done and am doing everything I can and what will be will be. I feel very strongly about the pointlessness of worrying over things that cannot be changed or improved upon. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson; not to be so reliant and precious of my possessions and to know that I am still alive and healthy, just, and it will give me the chance to redo everything to a higher standard. Well, it’s either that or fail my course, so really, what choice do I have?


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