A little bit about me…

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
Have a beautiful day!

Digital Me | Online

As I mentioned before I am not very proud of my online presence. I try to keep on top of social media as much as I can, document design events I go to and post my photos up as much as possible. However, the design of each website is hugely inconsistent, I tend to focus more on my photography outside of uni than the graphic design work I do, and a few of my sites haven’t been updated for a long while. And as Matt said during one of this term’s tutorials, it is better to not have an active site at all than to leave it out of date, because people will assume you’ve either died or are no longer active in design.

My most used site is probably Instagram, closely followed by wordpress:


Instagram Page


WordPress Site

The theme for Instagram is completely static; I cannot change it at all, but I have no excuse for my wordpress blog. I have been jumping from theme to theme this week trying to find something that fits my identity, but is also affordable, and I have got closer to what I want than the beginning of the week by far, but it still doesn’t quite work.

I also use sites such as Facebook and Tumblr but I rarely post to these and neither have proved beneficial to me further than showing my Mum what I’m up to over the internet.

(and again, they have absolutely no relation to my style/identity.)


Facebook Profile


The way my Tumblr page is set up isn’t too bad (in my opinion) however fewer people use Tumblr now WordPress has become so popular, and I think it looks less professional. Similarly with Facebook; Twitter is used more for bigger businesses.


Twitter Profile

I do use Twitter a lot more now I am connected to potential employers and networking opportunities. I did have a separate account for my photography and university work but having two accounts seemed counter productive and so I took that one down and have began to rebuild my content on my main account. Also I think it is important for employers and clients to see me as a person, a human being, and not just a business name or function.

After my tutorial yesterday and seeing other people’s websites, I have looked into the Adobe online portfolio maker-thing and had a quick go at designing my own website that I can modify how I like and which seemingly has less restrictions than blogging sites. I can’t seem to get past only being able to link Behance projects to it though, so I guess I’ll spend more time working on it, and probably just end up uploading all my uni work to Behance.

My Portfolio.png

MyPortfolio – Adobe

Ideally I’d like to code my own website, to show I have that ability and also just because then I could do whatever I wanted it with it and it would look just how I think it should, but I don’t think my coding capability stretches further than making amateur looking photo grids and stylised text at this point so maybe I should leave that for the experts, at least until I have learned a bit more.


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