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Real World | Creative Brief

Client Contact Information

Emma Walters

Health, safety and wellbeing advisor




Healthy University: Health and Wellbeing – Staff


Prepared By

Amy Dunstall





Healthy University need to encourage healthy eating and fitness in a way that primarily reaches staff but also creates a bridge between staff and students to engage with each-other on the same level.



(The goal of the campaign)

The objective is to persuade our audience to engage more in university activities and lead a healthier life. Our goal therefore is to create a campaign that will change the mindset of a specific department of staff and create a ‘tipping point’ for future generations by introducing an activity that can be developed and built upon in future.


Target Audience

We aim to target a certain department of staff who possibly wouldn’t put much consideration into the physical exercise they do day-to-day or how to interact with students on a personal level. For example: lecturers of the more academic subjects; maths, sciences.


What is the most important thing to say?

That exercise and maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle is easier than you might think. And to make the audience aware of the existing staff benefits.


What are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy in?

Taking part could increase general happiness

Improve staff/student relationships

Increase in motivation from both staff and students

(No scare tactics, stay positive)


Phases of Creative Development

Inspiration and Immersion

– Interview staff members, mind map, discussion


– Focus on one aspect of the findings

Idea generation

– Focused mind map, group discussion, prototype



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