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Bluegg Studio – Mentor Meeting

Today I had the pleasure of going to the Bluegg studio with our group (The World is Our Gym, oh dear…) to meet Creative Designer Tom Lloyd. I’d like to think Bluegg is an option for work after uni so was quite aware that I had to make a good impression, but being ill and without any caffeine in my system this proved to be a somewhat difficult task. I think I managed, just about, and we discussed our ideas as a group and got quite a lot of useful feedback. To be honest, with yesterday’s tutorial with Wendy and today’s mentoring session with Tom I feel like we’ve accomplished so much more than the last two weeks put together.

We talked about how the group is working together – how we are playing to each-other’s strengths, how we have worked so far and how we intend to improve in the future. We spoke about some new ideas, like keeping it simple and just introducing new features to staff’s routes around the university which would encourage them to be more active. One of the ideas was to put a notice on the stairs in the art block, saying something like “By walking up these stairs once a day for one university year you will have walked a third of the height of Everest!” Or something catchier…obviously.

And my favourite idea of the day: creating alternative routes through the university to the Art building with signs (like you’d find on a country walk) outlining the length in miles and maybe how many calories burnt on each. They would have different difficulty levels, in red, amber and green to indicate how long each one is and encourage staff (and students) to take a longer but healthier route to the building. This would also add an interesting instalment to the university and would attract attention and spark conversation between students and staff of different backgrounds; a welcome bonus!

(I think I’ll write in bullet points because there’s just so much to put down and if I format it I’ll probably forget before I get to the end)

So…Ideas for the future of this project discussed today:

  • We need to review the research findings on Monday and finalise the creative brief
  • FInd out the different ways staff are in contact with each-other both digitally and physically (staff portal, email, communal areas, offices etc.)
  • How do we contact manual workers and people who might not be reachable in the same way as the lecturers and management staff
  • We have to consider the scope/boundaries of the project. How far can we go? How realistic do we have to be?
  • We need to make our idea sustainable. A festival would be great but we need to make it more than a one-time event and keep people engaged (Possibly by introducing weekly events) I also think it might be a little too complex and we should maybe think of something simpler and catchier, or home in on one aspect of the festival to focus on
  • To succeed at this project we need to visualise the ‘bigger picture’, the whole story; we have to make our idea come to life (What will the leaflets look like? Is there a mascot? Online advertisement? Advertisement IRL?)
  • Make it a brand – give it a personality!

After meeting with Tom I think it’s safe to say that we are all hyped to win and armed with fresh ideas. We even got a little tour of the studio and an insight into the different job roles and project they’ve been working on. All in all it was a pretty exciting and productive morning!


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  1. Hyped to win ‘ey?? 😉

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