A little bit about me…

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
Have a beautiful day!

Eroticism | Booklet Update

I have spent the majority of today working on a final outcome for the final critique tomorrow afternoon. To be honest, the booklet format probably isn’t what I would have done if I’d had more time but I need to visualise my idea for tomorrow so it’ll do until I can put some proper thought into the visual presentation.

The images haven’t scanned in quite as I’d have liked and haven’t been edited to a standard that would actually permit printing, so I’m using them as placeholders for photographs I would take before the final deadline, the text is also not up to scratch and doesn’t portray what it is I’d actually like to say, but it’ll do for now.


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