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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
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FMP | Moving Forward

Today I had a group tutorial with Matt, and it was super helpful. I went in having done a lot of research, spoken to people, tutors, the target audience, other business owners, student services, sent emails, tweets, conducted a survey, analysed the results, refined the aim/message of the project and defined the values: Belonging, Connection, Mutual Support, Network, Mental Well-Being, Motivation. The last few weeks have been totally dedicated to this project and I think that has really paid off in terms of the extent of my research and motivation to get this done!

The problem I came into the tutorial with was that I didn’t know where to go from here. The initial visual of branding, a colour scheme and example of a proposed interior, seemed a little small. My portfolio already contains branding projects and this approach would not display my skill-set accurately, nor would it do justice to the background and research behind this project.

I had questions for the Job Centre, to ask why they thought they weren’t reaching young people effectively, and why people feel so negatively about the whole experience. I planned to ask Es George, the careers advisor here at the university, what services are available to people outside of university and why it was young people aren’t motivated to get involved and seek the career they would really want. Instead so many young people fall into the horribly negative cycle of the Job Centre and never get to where they want to be. My goal is to find out why and create a solution.

With all this research it seemed silly to just design a brand. So what do I do instead? Matt suggested presenting my research and found-knowledge visually via an infographic, but this alone still seems a little short-sighted. Maybe I’ll do an infographic but in a way that will keep the project moving forward to something bigger. Toby mentioned working on the non-visual brand (the tone of voice, the objective, target audience etc.) and the visuals will fall into place. I’m hoping he’s right, I’ll definitely need something visual to exhibit in the degree show!

Matt said to focus next on the finances involved in starting up a business like this, the cost and accounting side of things. Originally I had decided to do the branding for the project and develop a business plan in the background as a sort of ‘back-up’ in case I wanted to actually create it after graduation. Now it’s looking like the opposite would be better and I should present the business plan as the main design piece.

So I have left the tutorial feeling much more secure in moving forward. I am still waiting on an email from Es George, but I have emailed Steve in the Entrepreneurship sector of the Students Union about organising a meeting about financing a business, I’ll do some research into the importance of location (giving Kin+Ilk as an example) and think more about the non-visual aspects of the business such as tone of voice and how to appeal to an introverted target audience. There is also a documentary I intend to watch: Abstract.

I’m still feeling really good about this project, about my place in the “industry” and the future. Watch this space.


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