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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
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I used to think that we have to do far too many presentations as part of this course. It feels like after every couple of weeks we’re presenting our ideas, our designs, in different ways to different people; spending a lot of time watching and waiting and not really getting much from it. But it seems that every time I do a presentation I mess it up, however much I plan and prepare for them, however confident I am in my idea and how developed my design is, and more might be necessary if only for the advancement of my public speaking ability.

I am not a nervous person. I have to stress this; even recently I am still being reminded that I am not an anxious person; I can speak on the phone to strangers, talk at length about my ideas and passions, I am more than comfortable meeting new people and throwing myself into new places and situations; seemingly small feats and yet a few years ago I would not be so certain, so centred and sure. And yet however confident or caffeine fuelled I enter a room to present, my voice still shakes, my eyes skim over the words I have prepared and my mind goes blank. This is something I am determined to work on, and unlike before I am eager to do more, to throw myself into as many opportunities I can, to speak in front of an audience. I must be good at this, I have to be if I want to do well in the industry.

I tried using cue cards today in an attempt to override the blankness that appears in my head when stood in front of a crowd. This only aided my nerves, I was very aware that I was speaking off a sheet of paper and not being as authentic or interesting as I could have been. Next time I should probably make shorter notes and go back to speaking from the images on the screen as well. As a small note, I am still not sure if it is the presence of the lecturer I am uncomfortable with (in this case two), the number of viewers in the audience or the connections I have with each of them. It could also be adopted anxiety from the people I spend time with or the negative spaces I keep finding myself in. This is something I should resolve in order to understand why I become so unnecessarily, irrationally nervous. I am happy with the extent of my research and what I have so far and I am excited to do more with this project. I got some useful advice from feedback today, including:

  • Experimenting more with the typefaces
  • Do more illustrations
  • Work out how the visual identity will look on different touch-points
  • Condense the audience down to just the skater community, as it could be intimidating for people outside this to get involved (or change the name/theme)

This is the project I want to display in the degree show, and I really hope I can develop it enough for it to be accepted.

Here are a few images of what my presentation looked like today:


Update: Since the presentation I’ve put together a board to direct people to Stalefish, a logo painted onto the outside wall, coffee cup and thank you note designs. I also thought about putting together a short publication for guests to contribute to. This won’t be something I can show in the degree show as their simply isn’t time, but it is a decent idea for the development of the project. I am also aiming to create some promotional posters for Stalefish and a couple of social media posts encouraging people to try it out. These will include positive phrases such as “keep pushing”, and “You are flippin’ great”.

Coffee Cup + Thank You Note.jpg

Board mockup.jpg

Wall Logo Mockup.jpg



One Comment on “Presentations.”

  1. Scott J says:

    Awesome work, loving your presentation. Just take each presentating opportunity as good practice, the more you do it the better you will become šŸ‘


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