A little bit about me…

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Feel free to scroll down and have a look at the work I've done for my course, maybe even leave a few comments.
Have a beautiful day!

Real World | Map Design

I thought designing a map would be easy. There is tons of inspiration online (yes, I am guilty of occasionally searching through Pinterest for ideas), I’ve taken ideas from the outside too, I had a strong image in my head of what I wanted it to look like and yet every time I sit down at a table with my laptop or a piece of paper, paints, pens (I’ve tried everything), my mind goes blank and I throw out some amateur looking clip-art nonsense.

But the final EVER deadline is fast approaching so I gave this little nightmare another go. Here’s what I have so far:

Map Draft 1

First attempt. Unsurprisingly the feedback was not great.

Map 2

Second attempt. I don’t know why I took the background away. I suppose I must have been going for the minimal look. It didn’t work.

Map 3

I’ve started to actually design the back instead of leaving it to the imagination. I’m still not happy with either side to be honest, but I think it’s getting there.

Next up, my dissertation design and some more progress with my final major project. *groan*


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